Be Print Ready!

Sometimes print can be a tricky thing to get right, what with overprints, spot colours, ripping, plates etc etc, obviously we can design and set up the job for you but if you want to give it ago yourself here are 5 tips to help minimise printing errors!

Step 1: Outline
Converting text to paths is a sure fire way of text never being replaced when it goes through the rip. But make sure you save a copy of your document not converted to paths so it’s always editable!

Step 2: Plates
If you have ordered a 4 colour CMYK leaflet make sure your not using any spot colours as this will mean the printer creating a 5th plate for that colour making it more costly to you! Make sure all images are set to CMYK too.

Step 3: Resolution
When setting up a job for print make sure it’s set at 300dpi this goes for all the images within the doc too! It could lead to pixelated images when printed!

Step 4: Over print
Over print is a tricky thing some times you need is (print templates, foil blocking, spot UV etc) and some times you don’t (white text over dark areas) so always double check your PDF output to make sure you have it set correctly! If you have any queries drop us a line and we can help!

Step 5: Crops & Bleed
Crop marks are used for guiding the printer making sure your job is printed straight etc, we usually require these. Bleed is an extra few mm (usually 3mm) on all side of your artwork, this ensures that when the job is cut you never get any white on the sides as sometimes a job could slip while being cut out, the option is usually found when PDFing you job.

Follow these and you should be a ok when sending us a job to print!

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