We know we have been a little quiet, but after 10 years in business we have decided to re-brand, re-fresh and re-launch.
We have always had a great client base working with some brilliant names across the north east as well as national, but we felt a fresh new look and feel was in order!
With the aim of building and growing now and in the future, we needed a logo that was able to withstand the many changes in the design world, but which still holds our core values at heart: quality, trust and making an impression!

This is what we came up with:

We wanted a logo icon which could be used away from the name and still be recognised as us. So we went all out with a bold pink stamp shape with a white out P, using tints of the new Pink Impression colour scheme of Pantone 221C, The shape is based on the pattern surrounding a postage stamp, and will house text and images on our print and online collateral. Add to this the clean uncomplicated Futura typeface and we feel we have a brand that can take on the world!!

Let us know what you think, drop us a line